The Consequence
420Goku typed a picture: the gold staircase. the [heaven] texture is on the ground. the texture is 80 feet tall. the "Display" is -2 feet above and behind the staircase. the old gold rectangle is behind the "Display". it is 3 feet tall and 8 feet wide. it is -2.5 feet above "Display". the very small giraffe is on the staircase. it is facing backwards. The humongous dodo is 10 feet behind the staircase. The small balloon is 5 feet in front of and -18 feet above the dodo. The penguin is on the balloon. It is facing backwards. there is a huge unreflective man. a [boss] wall. it is 12 feet wide. it is 6 foot tall. it is 9 inches in the man. it is 20 feet to the left of the bird. there is a wrench facing up 10 feet in front of the bird. a huge man is 13 feet in front of the huge unreflective man. huge man is facing huge unreflective man. it is night. (This scene uses Getty Images )
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 Effects: Talk Balloon, Talk Balloon, Brightness, Contrast
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