Guardian of the Temple version 2.

Input text: a skull.the skull is 30 feet tall.the skull is leaning 90 degrees to the ground.a snake is in front of the skull.the skull.the snake is 15 feet long.a temple is 100 feet behind the skull.the snake is 112 feet in front of the temple.the plant is 20 feet in the skull.the plant is 20 feet long.the snake is 2 feet in the skull.the skull is 6 inches in the ground.the rose is 10 feet in the skull.a dead tree is 1 feet left of the skull.the temple is gold.a clematis is 0.1 feet right of the skull.a palm tree is left of the temple.a palmetto is right of the temple.a yucca is 1 feet behind the dead tree.the yucca is 25 feet tall.the skull is silver.the ground is invisible.a red light is above the snake.the snake is gold.a yellow light is in front of the temple.
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Effects: Hue, Brightness
we-community  (2016) 
zamchick  (2016) 
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