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I say Timothy , lovely day for a swim.

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a man.a boy.the boy is 2 feet left of the man.the man is 1 feet behind the boy.the boy is 1 feet above the ground.the man is 10 inches above the ground.the sun's altitude is 92 degrees.a shark is behind the man.the shark is 20 inches above the ground.a starfish is 9 inches in front of the man.the starfish is leaning 35 degrees to the ground.a fish is beneath the boy.a eel is 2 inches beneath the man.a shell is beneath the starfish.a red light is beneath the shark.a ray is 5 feet left of the shark.the ray is 1.1 feet above the shark.the ray is leaning left.the ray is facing the man.a yellow light is under the ray.
zamchick (legacy) 
Timothy in Slumberland
apologies to @watcher570

Jijijams (legacy) 
I get so happy when I see a new "Timothy" scene.
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