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a dodecahedron.the dodecahedron is 200 feet tall.a huge door is 200 feet in the dodecahedron.the door is 30 feet tall.the dodecahedron is texture.the door is silver.a man is in front of the door.the man is 10 feet tall.the man is facing the door.a small sphinx is left of the door.the sphinx is gold.a gryphon is right of the door.the gryphon is facing northwest. the gryphon is 15 feet tall.the gryphon is gold.a cyan light is in front of the man.a yellow orb is above the door.the orb is 4 feet tall.the man is texture.a red light is right of the gryphon.
Hue, Brightness
we-community (2016) 

BROW-PACA (2016) 
Me gonna use what u typed for own thing
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