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Calling in the Troops

Input text: 
a tree is -12 feet behind the 100 feet long 4 feet tall [fence] wall. a squirrel is -1 feet above a [peacock] chicken. it leans back. the chicken is 2 feet in front of the wall. 3 [rainbow] fennecs are 1 feet in front of the chicken. they face back. 2 very large [rain] mice are to the left of the fennecs. they face the chicken. a small [feather] koala is right of and in front of the fennecs. it faces northwest. a [ocean] kangaroo is 1.5 feet behind the koala. it faces the fennecs. a 1 feet tall and 3 feet wide and 0.2 feet deep cream plank is in front of the wall and 1.8 feet above the ground. it is behind the chicken. it leans to the left. the sky is invisible. the camera light is gray. the ambient light is blue. a tiny red "RECRUITING" is 2.1 feet above the ground and in front of the plank. it leans left.the ground is [dirt]. the sun is sky blue. a dim beige light is on the fennecs. the sun's altitude is 68 degrees. the sun's azimuth is 215 degrees. a dim cream light is on the squirrel
Contrast, Sharpen, Contrast, Sharpen
zamchick (legacy) 
mr kangaroo, bring down that wall.
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