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Magic spillage

Input text: 
a small shiny table. a rose is on the table. a 1st fried egg is in front of the rose. the 1st egg is upside down. the color of the 1st egg is mocha brown. the 1st egg is 1.7 inch tall.the 1st egg is 0.4 inch in the table. the rose is leaning 90 degrees to the front. a coffee pot is -4 inch right of the 1st egg.the coffee pot is 6.5 inch tall.the coffee pot is leaning 105 degrees to the right.the rose is facing southwest. a teacup is -25 inch in front of the coffee pot. 10 inch below the 1st egg is a 2nd fried egg. the 2nd egg is upside down.the 2nd egg is 1.4 inch tall. the ground is [KAWE5]. 1 inch above the 2nd fried egg is a dark brown light. the ambient light is old gold. a 0.8 inch tall 1st drop is 1 inch below the 1st egg. the 1st drop is mocha brown. a 1 inch tall 2nd drop is 3 inch below the 1st egg. the drop is green. a 1.5 inch tall 3rd drop is 5.5 inch below the 1st egg. the drop is yellow.a 2 inch tall 4th drop is 7 inch below the 1st egg.the drop is red.it is dusk.the altitude of the sun is 120 degrees.
we-community (legacy) 
Wow this is genius. Turning the egg upside down, of course!
KAWE (legacy) 
Thanks for this beautiful link. For me nanook is one of the big masters here on WE
Nanook (legacy) 
You're too nice. Really nice image, : -)
KAWE (legacy) 
Thanks nanook
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