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girls are you ready? the males are finally gone!
Merry fathers day.

Input text: 
a 10 inch tall third dodo. the third dodo is leaning 15 degrees to the left. it is facing southwest.a 2nd 11 inch tall dodo is -1.3 feet right of the third dodo.the 2nd dodo is facing north.the 2nd dodo is leaning 16 degrees to the left.the ground is dull. it is dusk.the camera light is black. above the 2nd dodo is a dim blue light.the altitude of the sun is 2 degrees.the sun's azimuth is 180 degrees. A 4 feet tall door is 2 feet behind and -2.5 feet left of the third dodo. a 1.6 feet tall first dodo is -1.94 feet right of and -1 feet behind the door. the first dodo is facing the second dodo. It leans 30 degrees to the front. it is 0.4 feet in the ground. the sky is rainbow.
Scene credits:
KAWE (2016) 
for real?
susu (2016) 
for real... :) yeah!
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