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there is a very small lion. a small tiger is four inches in the lion. a very tiny ocelot is two inches in the tiger. the sky is plaid. the lion is 10 inches in the ground. the first small cat is three inches in the lion. the second small cat is wide. the second small cat is five inches in the lion. the second small cat is first sand. the dark gray ground is shiny. there is a small crocodile one foot to the right of the lion. there is a very huge second sand mantis in the crocodile. there is a yellow light behind the tiger. there is a small tan tan plant two inches in the ocelot. there is a huge silver rock five feet in the ground ten feet behind the lion.
Brightness, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness, Brightness
we-community (legacy) 
420Goku (legacy) 
Really cool
Nanook (legacy) 
very animalistic
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