Now , where did I put my glass ?

Input text: a 4 feet tall glass.a fish is 2 feet in the glass.a chili pepper is 3 inches behind the glass.the chili pepper is 5 feet tall.a century plant is 12 inches left of the glass.the century plant is 4 feet tall.a bean is 3 inches left of the plant.the bean is 7 feet tall.a cherry tomato is 2 inches right of the glass.the cherry tomato is 5 feet tall.the bean is 3 inches behind the century plant.a african violet is 3 inches in front of the glass.the african violet is 2 feet tall.a gardenia is 5 inches left of the chili pepper.the gardenia is 5.5 feet tall.the fish is red.the ground is grass.the sun's altitude is 45 degrees.a violet light is behind the century plant.a magenta light is behind the chili pepper.
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anxieting  (2016) 
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Nanook  (2016) 
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