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This Hound Don't Hunt
Luckily for De Kooning, Kitea Mow Mow shares.

Input text: 
a [texture] cat is 2 feet in front of a raccoon. it faces the raccoon. a bowl is 1 feet behind the cat. a [wood] wall is 4 feet left of the bowl. it faces right. the ground is dull [brick]. a beige dog house is left of and -1.3 feet in front of the cat. it faces northeast. a 5 feet tall streetlight is -7 feet left of the wall and on the ground. a yellow light is 0.2 feet above the streetlight. the camera light is grey. a dim orange light is -0.7 feet below the streetlight. The ambient light is blue. the sun is invisible. a mauve light is on the dog house. a dim cyan light is on the bowl
Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpen
Cytristree (2016) 
I love the use of colors in all of your pictures, it's so pretty.
Nanook (2016) 
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