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Timothy , it's not safe through the mirror.

Input text: 
a man.a 10 feet tall mirror.the man is 5 feet in the mirror.a boy is 6 feet in front of the mirror.a 4 feet tall frog is 8 feet left of the boy.the boy is facing the frog.the frog is facing the mirror.the frog is texture.a bird is 2 feet behind the frog.the bird is facing the mirror.the bird is gold.a beetle is 3 feet in front of the boy.the beetle is 1 feet tall.a worm is 2 inches in front of the beetle.the worm is 2 inches tall.the worm is facing the frog.a mushroom is 1 feet behind the bird.the mushroom is 3 feet tall.the mushroom is 2 feet right of the bird.the mushroom is red.the worm is 1 feet left of the beetle.the ground is invisible.the beetle is silver.the sun is orange.a purple light is beneath the frog.
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