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Jurassic Soup

Input text: 
the extremely tiny tyrannosaurus is in the giant glass bowl. the extremely tiny triceratops is to the right of the bowl. it is on the table. it is facing the tyrannosaurus. the bowl is on the table. the table has a wood texture. the ground has a tile texture. the huge silver spoon is next to the bowl.
Scene credits:
thetruthisoutthere (legacy) 
I love this!!
daniel (legacy) 
Thanks, thetruthisoutthere!
Cytristree (legacy) 

daniel (legacy) 

Nanook (legacy) 
Too Hot to Eat
A little spice from the Cenozoic rack.

Cytristree (legacy) 
I love this and everything it has become.
Cytristree (legacy) 

Nanook (legacy) 
ain't it fun :-)
zamchick (legacy) 
The Tectonic Shift Soup Special
Can't post as a visual comment on mobile

we-community (legacy) 
This stream is hilarious!
daniel (legacy) 
This must be a record for the longest chain of derived scenes.
Nanook (legacy) 
Volcano Special

zamchick (legacy) 
molten please!
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