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Nothing Spectacular

Input text: 
The first tree is right of the building. The second tree is behind the building. it is -10 feet left of the building. The third tree is behind the first tree. It is left of the first tree. The fourth tree is behind the first tree. It is right of the first tree. The building is 8 feet tall. The first tree is 14 feet tall. The second tree is 12 feet tall. The third tree is 13 feet tall. The fourth tree is 15 feet tall. The camera light is black. The sun is 50% orange. The sun's azimuth is 350 degrees. The sun's altitude is 35 degrees. The wall of the building has the [texture] texture.
zamchick (legacy) 
eye-candy to sooth our igliashon azimeth addiction
coyne (legacy) 
very pretty!
Nanook (legacy) 
A wonderful tree experience. A very nice play on light with trees..Haven't you been there? I have.
KAWE (legacy) 
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