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1st black cube is 2 feet wide. 2nd clear cube is 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep and 7 feet tall. it is above the 1st cube. a small mobility aid is 7 feet in the 2nd cube. A tan light is on the mobility aid. a beige light is in front of the mobility aid. a yellow light is 3 inches right of the tan light. a black shiny 200 feet long and 80 feet high wall is 4 feet behind the cube. the sun ' s altitude is 90 degrees. the sun ' s azimuth is 110 degrees. the sun is cream. the 150 feet wide and 100 feet deep floor is in front of the wall and on the ground. a [bmwlack] is 2 feet southwest of the mobility aid and on the ground. [bmwlack] faces the mobility aid. a car tire sits on a 3rd 2 feet wide marble cube. car tire is 3 feet southeast of the mobility aid. car tire faces southwest. the 3rd cube faces southwest. the sky is invisible. a cyan light is on the [bmwlack].
#rene #wagner 
Scene credits:
boneybird (legacy) 
yes, cool!
KAWE (legacy) 
I like that
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