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the midnight cat
a scene from a dream i had last night

Input text: 
there is a wood wall. a big black cat is standing 2 feet to the right of the wall. another wood wall is 5 feet to the right of the wall. the walls are facing to the right. a very small cyan fish is 6 inches to the right of the cat. the fish is leaning 90 degrees to the right. 5 feet behind the cat is a stone sliding door. the ground is wood.
scribbling (2016) 
also i forgot i made this from the poop image UM--
we-community (2016) 
@scribbling if you clicked on the Angry poop scene and then went directly to the create page then the system thinks you derived it from the poop scene. When you click on the create page make sure to click "new". Only if the scene you are planning to make is not attributed from the previous scene.
coyne (2016) 
The source scene link is now removed.

nice scene btw!
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