Puff, the magic dragon

Input text: The ground is reflective silver. There is an extremely large clear sphere. The extremely tiny whale is 4.8 feet in the sphere . There is a second extremely large clear sphere 10 feet to the left of the sphere. The second sphere is 2 feet above the ground. The second extremely tiny whale is 3.3 feet in the second sphere. It is facing east. The third extremely large clear sphere is 2 feet to the right of and 10 feet behind the sphere. The third sphere is 5 feet above the ground. The third extremely tiny whale is 2.9 feet in the third sphere. a fourth large clear sphere is 6 inches above and to the right of the second sphere. the very tiny rainbow dragon is 1.5 feet in the fourth sphere. the very huge [hippie] pipe is under the second sphere. it is on the ground. the fifth clear sphere is -3 inches above and -8 inches to the left of the pipe.
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Attributions: untitled by Cytristree
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