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strange dream

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a clear sphere.the sphere is 500 feet tall.a tree is 500 feet in the sphere.a structure is 1 feet behind the tree.the structure is 10 feet tall.a yellow light is above the tree.a red light is behind the structure.a cyan light is in front of the structure.the structure is rainbow.a 10 feet tall building is 1 feet in front of the tree.the building is facing left.a violet light is in front of the building.a gold light is above the building.the building is glass.
Brightness, Solarize
anxieting (legacy) 
yes~~~ I'd love to see more scenes of dreams... #1 reason I love this website is to utilize these tools to portray scenes in our heads we can't normally describe with words. this is v beautiful great work
Jijijams (legacy) 
This is it
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