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Kraken attack!

Input text: 
The galleon is on the very tall mountain range. The galleon is leaning slightly to the left. The galleon is -8 feet above the ground. The water texture is on the mountain range. The water texture is gray. The mountain range is gray. The sky is a 9999 feet wide 9999 feet tall storm. The squid is 120 feet long. The squid is facing the galleon. The squid is leaning backward. The squid is -30 feet above the ground. The squid is 10 feet away from the galleon. The mountains are behind the galleon. The mountains are water. The mountains are gray. The mountains are 5 feet below the ground. The enormous water texture is on the ground. The ground is gray.
Cracked paint, Canvas texture, Illustration
boneybird (2016) 
flip (2016) 
That's cool!
Nanook (2016) 
It's like an ancient tale of the mysterious kraken and the ship that never came back!!!!
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