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Tip Tuesday: Sunlight
Scenes are put into a simple background environment that consists of a ground plane, a sky, and a sun in the sky.

The sun is a special light. The position of the sun depends on the time of day.Time of day affects both the sun position and the sky color (e.g., it becomes black with stars at night). You can specify time of day as:

It is dawn.
It is morning.
It is noon.
It is sunset or it is dusk.
It is evening.
It is night.

This scene above displays WordsEye's default sunlight, afternoon. This is the standard light users will see when creating a scene.

The color of the sun can be changed like any other light. If the sun is made black, then it emits no light.

You can also change the sun's azimuth and altitude.

Input text: 
The dog is in front of the dog house. the ground is grass. there is a house 2 feet behind and 2 feet to the left of the dog house. the house is facing southeast. the ground is unreflective. there is a ball in front of the dog.
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we-community (2016) 

we-community (2016) 

we-community (2016) 

we-community (2016) 

we-community (2016) 

we-community (2016) 
The sun is black

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