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Take Two and Call Me in the AM

Input text: 
the very tiny first emoji is on the table. it is face up. another very tiny emoji is in front of and to the right of the first emoji.it is face up. the small glass is 2 inches to the left of the first emoji. the small lavender bed is behind and -1 foot to the right of the table. it is facing right. the third small emoji is on the bed. it is facing backwards. it is -2 feet to the left of the bed. it is leaning 80 degrees to the left. the small woman is -3 inches behind the emoji. she is leaning 90 degrees to the right. she is -3.4 feet left of the emoji. the wall is 1 foot to the left of the bed. it is facing right. the [pattern] texture is on the wall. the texture is 3 feet tall. the small lamp is behind the glass. the grey light is in front of the lamp. the ground is matte black. the camera light is black.
Jijijams (legacy) 
KAWE (legacy) 
oh a lover of aspirin :;-)
lespaulguy (legacy) 
KAWE, add emoji to a medicine cabinet near you.
Jijijams (legacy) 

Pain: Level 2
boneybird (legacy) 
Your Worst Night Mare

Jijijams (legacy) 

lespaulguy (legacy) 
yow, this scene is galloping away from me :-) Let me guess, a rainbow is next.
dk (legacy) 

You asked for it...
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