Input text: The very enormous shiny woman has the [brokenhrt] texture. The texture is 0.125 feet tall. She faces to the right. She leans 90 degrees to the back. She is -6 foot above the ground. The ground is navy. The small skeleton is -6 feet above the woman. The skeleton leans 45 degrees to the back. The sky is [alcoholic]. The skeleton is -50 feet left of the woman. The camera light is black. The sun's azimuth is 90 degrees. The sun is dim. The orange light is above the skeleton. It is 5 feet behind the skeleton. The green light is 10 feet above the skeleton. it is left of the skeleton. The blue light is above the skeleton. The unreflective bottle is -1 feet in front of the skeleton. It is -1.25 feet above the skeleton. The bottle faces right. The purple light is in front of the bottle. It is right of the bottle. The dim yellow light is right of the bottle. The skeleton is shiny white.
Tags:  ##HD 
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lespaulguy  (2016) 
A Skeleton Walks into a Bar...

Nanook  (2016) 
very cool!
zamchick  (2016) 
heartbreak has never been said with as much precise eloquence!
KAWE  (2016) 
hopefully not
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