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Input text: a table.a pipe is on the table.a laptop is right of the pipe.a cigarette lighter is 2 inches left of the pipe.a chair is right of the table.the chair is facing the table.the laptop is facing the chair.a cup is 5 inches behind the laptop.a book is 5 inches in front of the laptop.the book is facing the chair.a pen is 1 inch left of the book.the pen is facing down.a circuit board is 2 inches behind the pen.a lamp is 6 inches left of the pen.a fruit is 10 inches behind the cigarette lighter.a molecule is 2 inches in front of the lamp.the molecule is .5 feet tall.a yellow light is in the lamp.the ground is tile.a wall is 1 feet behind the table.the wall is wood.it is night.the chair is facing right.a blue light is above the laptop.
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we-community  (2016) 
I like your office :)
coyne  (2016) 
very nice!
boneybird  (2016) 
there must be some truth to this!
Nanook  (2016) 
Hurry back
Revolution  (2016) 
Nice details
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