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a 20 feet tall dull dodo. A 1.7 feet tall shiny crown is -4.4 feet above and -8.4 feet in front of and -9.1 feet left of the dodo. It leans 50 degrees to the left. it is facing southeast. the sky is silver. a 20 feet tall pale silver green shiny emoticon is below the dodo. it leans 90 degrees to the front. it is -2 feet above the ground. the ground is shiny black. there is a white light 5 feet above the dodo. the ambient light is pink. the camera light is black. it is night.
we-community (legacy) 
hahahaha good one :)
Nanook (legacy) 
Are you sure he's not the imposter DoKing?
susu (legacy) 
:) yeah, dodo may have a fraudulent intention, but as it seesm it is pretty unskilled... and it could be worse: luckily, it is not trying to be King Dong...
zamchick (legacy) 
that's one sorry emoji
susu (legacy) 

do not celebrate too early!
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