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Input text: a 70 feet tall translucent blender. a 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide and 15 feet deep dull dodo leans 45 degrees to the front.. It is -40 feet above and -43 feet in front of and -20 feet left of the blender. the ground is silver. the sky is silver. there is a white light 5 feet above the dodo. there is a 3rd orange light above the dodo. the ambient light is charcoal gray. the camera light is black. it is morning. There is a second white light 5 feet behind and -20 feet above the blender.
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susu  (2016) 
I know, this is a VERY old joke (at least since the gold fish).
lespaulguy  (2016) 
there's a law against hurting dodos!
susu  (2016) 
As far as i know, this law is - so to say - archaic:)
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