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Come with me , children.

Input text: 
a 50 feet tall pink hand.the hand is leaning 45 degrees to the ground.the hand is 12 feet in the ground.a man is -1 inches right of the hand.the man is on the ground.the man is facing the hand.a woman is 1 feet in front of the man.the woman is facing the hand.a athlete is 1 feet left of the woman.the athlete is 3.8 feet above the ground.the athlete is facing the hand.the athlete is -70 inches right of the hand.a girl is 1 feet behind the man.the girl is facing the hand.a cowboy is 8 feet left of the athlete.the cowboy is facing the hand.a policeman is 2 feet in front of the woman.the policeman is facing the hand.a human is 1 feet right of the policeman.the human is facing the hand.the sun's altitude is 90 degrees.the sun is yellow.
anxieting (legacy) 
Wow whatever happened to women and children first
fishboyliam (legacy) 
They are all children in the eyes of an Ancient.
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