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What is it with Zebras?

Input text: 
the professor is to the left of the window. the professor is on the ground. the small stool is 2 feet to the right of the professor. the very small zebra is on the stool. it is facing left. the window is facing left. it is 1 foot above the ground. the ground is marble. the white light is in front of the zebra. a first marble wall is under the window. it is 1 foot high. it is 3.3 feet long. it is facing left. a second marble wall is behind the first wall. it is facing right. a third marble wall is in front of the window. it is on the ground. it is facing left. the large marble dodo is 1 foot behind the stool. it is facing right. the small marble column is 2 feet in front of the stool. the camera light is black. the mauve light is above and behind the dodo. the grey light is two feet in front of the mauve light.
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