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An Astral Scene
In Which A Large White Cat Wearing a Top Hat in Unique Style Who Follows a Pizza Rat Looks Like a Dog.

Input text: 
A rainbow sphere. There is a huge slice of pizza a foot above the sphere. The sky is black. The ground is transparent. There are stars in the sky. A nebula is in the top left. The large rat is on the pizza. Sunglasses are on the rat. A carpet is behind the pizza. A huge cat is sitting on the carpet. The cat is white. A top hat is on the cat.
Nanook (2016) 
@blizzzz33 this astral scene should be entered in the theme of the week competition. You can click on "edit properties" and under hashtags ..enter #totwspace, then click " save properties".
Nanook (2016) 
Oh forgot , the theme of the week is "space" ;-)
zamchick (2016) 
scene nicely encapsulated in your caption :-)
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