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"What's the hold up?"

Input text: santa is on a sleigh. the sleigh is on a road. a reindeer is in front of the sleigh. a convertible car is in front of the reindeer. the road is on a green mountain range. a second road is next to the road. the first truck is on the second road. a third road is in front of the second road. a second truck is in front of the first truck. a motorcycle is behind the sleigh. the sky is black.
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coyne  (5 years ago) 
This is really funny! (I didn't see it until now)
technicat  (5 years ago) 
It was sitting around for a while, wasn't sure if I was done with it. I tried it with the new night feature, but I think the overly luminescent look works in this case. (maybe I should have put in street lights)
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