Input text: the shiny white river is 100 feet above the ground. the [texture] ground. it is 1000 feet tall. the small silver satellite is 30 feet below and -20 feet in front of the river. the very enormous milk carton is -5 feet to the left and -75 feet behind the river. the very humongous [fun] bowl is in the river. it is facing right. the large astronaut is 30 feet to the right of the bowl. he is facing the bowl. the small spaceship is 8 feet to the right and behind the astronaut. the [texture] sky. the extremely enormous spoon is -1 foot behind the astronaut. it is facing backwards. it is face up. the red light is 2 feet above the dodecahedron. an enormous first green rock is in the bowl. a second enormous pink rock is 1 foot above and 1 foot behind the first rock. a third enormous red rock is 2 feet above and to the left of the second rock. a fourth extremely large aqua rock is 2 feet above and behind the third rock. the enormous [fun] block is -7 feet above and -18 feet behind the fourth rock. it is 40 feet tall. it is 10 feet wide. it is 30 feet deep. it is leaning 40 degrees to the back. the clear dodecahedron is 50 feet in the bowl. it is 200 feet tall.
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