anxieting typed a picture: the ground is silver. the man is 4.4 feet in the ground. his bathing suit is silver. his eyeball is red. the first silver rope is 6 inches in the man. it is facing north. the second silver rope is 7 inches in the man. it is facing east. the third silver rope is 8 inches in the man. it is facing south. the fourth silver rope is 9 inches in the man. it is facing west. a gigantic transparent water drop is above the man. it is 6 feet behind the man. 20 foot tall woman -8 inches to the left of the man. she is facing the man. the woman is 8 feet in the ground. her body has a [water] texture. the man is transparent. there is a roll of film to the right of the man. it is 8 feet tall. it is facing west. the ambient light is blue. there is a huge flamingo 33 feet behind the woman. it is facing right. there is a bright pink light on the flamingo. silver "suck my ass" in front of the flamingo. it is -8 inches above the flamingo.
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