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The Commonality of Things

Input text: 
a plate is on the table. a crow is -0.5 feet above the plate. it leans 128 degrees to the back. a plate is 1 feet in front of the plate. a knife is 3 inches right of the plate. it faces left. it leans 90 degrees to the back. a fork is left of the plate. a very large bottle is behind and -0.8 feet right of the crow. the bottle is -0.1 feet above the table. a large wine glass is behind the fork. a [wood] chair is in front of the table. it faces northeast. very tiny black "words" is on the plate. it leans 45 degrees to the back. the ground is [tile]. a beige light is 1 feet above the table. the sun is navy. the camera light is black. a dim pink light is in front of the glass. the sun's azimuth is 120 degrees. the sun's altitude is 45 degrees. the sky is invisible
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KAWE (legacy) 
probably true
coyne (legacy) 
very interesting perspective on this scene with the camera angle, grid on the floor, angular shadows, and oversized wine bottle.
susu (legacy) 
dodo stays with the wine
the advantages of an analphabetic vegeterian....

Nanook (legacy) 
@susu :-) that sounds like a very good idea. and @coyne, it often requires a very large bottle of wine to down ill prepared meals :-)
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