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Thelma and Louise

Input text: 
the ground. a red car is 35 feet above the ground. it leans back. 1st tan head is -3.8 feet above and -7 feet behind and -1.4 feet right of the car. 2nd tan head is 1.3 feet left of the 1st head
coyne (legacy) 
wow, i immediately thought of that movie when i saw the scene before noticing the title. Good job! :-)
Ugogirlie (legacy) 
Perfecto! AND, if I'm not mistaken, the hairdos are very close! Great job! LOVED that movie!
Nanook (legacy) 
LOL, just saw a tribute to the movie with Sarandon and Davis in the T-bird the other day. It revived my memories of a really cool flick. One of my favs. P.S. Had to utilize the convertible that was available, wasn't a T-bird but worked for me. :-)
KAWE (legacy) 
This will not end well
Ugogirlie (legacy) 
Nanook, I like how you stayed true to that final scene with the car going up instead of down.
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