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there is a woman on the floor. the large cake is two feet above the woman. the giant robot is four feet to the left of the woman. the blue sphere is one foot to the right and one foot in front of the woman. the large potato is one foot in front and two inches to the left of the woman. the cyan light is inside the sphere. the large black wall is four feet behind the woman. the giant fire is 32 inches behind and 4 feet to the left of the woman. the giant black machine is six feet to the right of the woman. the machine is shiny. the floor is black and shiny. the orange light is inside the fire. there is a metal beam on the floor six feet in front of the woman.
boneybird (legacy) 
very surprising and cool!
igliashon (legacy) 
Why does this make me think of a kitchen?
susu (legacy) 
@igliashon : probably you've got a washing machine in yours :)
daniel (legacy) 
Nice scene. Takes a while to fully appreciate what's going on.
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