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The Godfather

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The bed is on the ground. The horse is 1.4 feet in the bed. It is facing to the back. The horse is leaning 80 degrees to the left. The bed is leaning 30 degrees to the back. The man is -2.2 feet to the right of the horse. He is facing right. He is leaning 85 degrees to the left. He is 8 inches in the bed. The window is 3 feet in front of the bed. It is 5 feet above the ground. The mauve light is 3 feet above and in front of the window. the [brick] wall is behind the bed. the tiny shiny red pond is -1 feet to the left of the bed. the blue light is 2 feet above the bed. a second white man is 3 feet in front of and to the left of the window. he is facing the window. he is on the ground. the second man is 8 feet tall. the lamp is -1 feet to the right of the bed. it is 8 feet tall.
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But of horse!! nice one and love the reflection on the window, you're a master at those.
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