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Okay...You Guess The Title To This One

Input text: 
a road is 200 feet long. it faces left. a bank is 4 feet behind the road. a building is right of the bank. a 10 feet tall streetlight is -0.5 feet in front of and 4.5 feet right of the bank. it faces left. a yellow light is -2 feet below and 0.05 feet in front of the streetlight. the sky is [storm]. a 4.5 feet tall man is -1.8 feet left of the streetlight. he leans left. he is -0.4 feet above the ground. a red umbrella is -2.2 feet left of the man. it is 2.5 feet above the ground. it leans right. a black fedora is -0.9 feet above the man. it is -0.2 feet left of the streetlight. a [water] pizza is -.4 feet in front of and 2 feet right of the bank. the camera light is black. the ambient light is gray. the sun is blue. a dim powder blue light is above the umbrella
Saturation, Brightness
zamchick (legacy) 
Love the puddle :-) Gene Kelly taught my father in law to dance.
Nanook (legacy) 
Seriously, how cool is that!!!!
dk (legacy) 
Dig it!
coyne (legacy) 
gollum777 (legacy) 
Singin in the rain?
Nice one @Nanook
nheiges (legacy) 
Oh so good!!
nheiges (legacy) 
I don't see this in the gallery, only Activity.
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