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the silver valley. the first clear cube is 100 feet in the valley. it is 440 feet tall. the upside-down doll is 300 feet tall. it is inside the first cube. the 100 foot tall chicken is in the doll's head. it is upside down. the 100 foot tall pigeon is in the chicken. it is upside down. the 90 foot tall duck is above the chicken. the 90 foot tall goose is next to the duck. the second clear cube is -200 feet to the right of the first cube. it is 650 feet tall. the third clear cube is -100 feet behind the second cube. it is 600 feet tall. the fourth clear cube is -200 feet to the right of the third cube. it is 700 feet tall. the sun is steel blue. the green light is 100 feet to the right of the doll. the yellow light is 100 hundred feet to the left of the doll. the cyan light is behind the doll.
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we-community (legacy) 
Nanook (legacy) 
It's hard to find words for this one. Nevertheless, okay I give up.....:-0 !!
coyne (legacy) 
zamchick (legacy) 
, that's incredible
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