Metropolis II
For lovers of dark blue

Input text: a 10 inch tall and 2 inch wide 1st cylinder.-0.1 inch above the 1st cylinder is a 2 inch tall 1st igloo.-0.9 inch above the 1st igloo is a 2 inch tall 2nd igloo.-0.1 inch above the 2nd igloo is a 0.5 inch wide 2nd cylinder. above the 2nd igloo is a 0.4 inch wide 3rd cylinder. the 3rd cylinder is leaning 45 degrees to left.the 3rd cylinder is -0.5 inch right of the 2nd cylinder.the ground is black.the camera light is dark blue.behind the 1st cylinder is a 1st wheel.the 1st wheel is 20 inch tall. the 1st wheel is facing west.the 12 wheel is 12 inch in the ground.a 2nd 20 inch tall wheel is -12 inch left of the 1st wheel.the 2nd wheel is facing west.the 2nd wheel is 15 inch in the ground. -12 inch right of the 1st cylinder is a 4th 2 inch wide cylinder. 5 inch in front of the 1st wheel is a [KAWE10] wall.the wall is 3.3 feet tall and 3.3 feet wide. the ambient light is gray.the 1st wheel is gray.the 2nd wheel is gray. the 1st cylinder is gray. the 2nd cylinder is gray. the 3rd cylinder is gray.the 4th cylinder is gray. the 1st igloo is gray. the 2nd igloo is gray.
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Effects: Sharpen, Color-emboss
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