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Cathedral 1
my first attempt at using wordseye.

Input text: 
there are 33 trees. there are 12 skyscrapers 3 feet behind the trees. the sky is sunrise. there are 12 huge trees to the left of the trees. there are 12 huge clocks in the air. there is a huge cathedral 3 feet in front of skyscraper. the cathedral has a tile texture. there is a bosch church to the left of the cathedral. the skyscrapers have a meat texture. the trees are transparent.
anxieting (legacy) 
magic number 33. welcome to wordseye stoked ur here
kwl (legacy) 
thanks for telling me about it, it's rad. your stuff is really great! is there a way to get around the 12 object limit or whatever?
zamchick (legacy) 
thats huge :-)
anxieting (legacy) 
not that i've discovered yet... i'm sure they'll fix that in time
watcher570 (legacy) 
great scene
KAWE (legacy) 
hey super
kwl (legacy) 
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