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Input text: 
there are transparent clouds. the clouds are a shiny texture. the cloud fits inside the huge hand. the hand is flesh. the ground is grass. the sky is red. there is a huge hand several feet in front of the hand. the hand is flesh. a piece of ice fits inside the hand.
#minimal #abstract #hands #meatspace 
anxieting (2016) 
what about freezing your cubes and putting them in the blender?
Nanook (2016) 
I'm trying t figure out how the rose appeared but whether intended are not it definitely adds another mysterious element. Nice scene.
kwl (2016) 
Haha, thank you! It was not intentional and is from the line: 'a piece of ice fits inside the hand'. I think it confused piece and ice, and somehow the petals turned ice textured. It's also funny because the other hand holding the transparent clouds looks more like a piece of ice.
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