Quickly Timothy. there's a waterspout.

Input text: [water]tornado.the ground is water.a galleon is 1 feet right of the tornado.the galleon is facing right.the galleon is 5 feet in the ground.the tornado is leaning 25 degrees to the left.the tornado is 18 feet in the ground.a 7 feet tall man is in the galleon.a 6 feet tall boy is in front of the man.the boy is facing right.a rust light is above the tornado.the sun's altitude is 90 degrees.a red light is right of the galleon.the red light is on the ground.a amber light is above the galleon.a green light is behind the galleon.the green light is on the ground.the sun is orange.a white light is above the boy.a yellow light is in front of the boy.the galleon's sail is cyan.a orange light is in front of the tornado.the orange light is on the ground.the camera light is grey.
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