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Mermaid Looking in the Mirror

Input text: 
the [ocean] texture is on the ground. the [ocean] texture is 20 feet tall. the woman is -2.1 feet above the ground. she is leaning 35 degrees to the front. the hair of the woman is fuchsia. the humongous magenta [renaissance] goldfish is 2.5 feet behind the woman. it is -6.5 feet above the ground. it is leaning 90 degrees to the front. it faces right. the sky is shiny. the swimsuit of the woman is magenta. the aqua light is 3 feet to right and above the woman. the turquoise light is 3 feet in front of and above the woman. the turquoise light is 2 feet to the left of the woman. the first huge rock is 15 feet behind and 1 foot to the right of the woman. it is -1 foot above the ground. the second huge rock is 3 feet to the left and 2 feet behind the first huge rock. the third huge rock is 4 feet to the left and 1 foot behind the second huge rock. the fourth huge rock is 1 foot to the left and 6 inches in front of the third huge rock.
##HD #totwwater 
Nanook (legacy) 
This is soo cool. I love the tail behind the mermaid coming out of the water. You rock!!!!
we-community (legacy) 
this is awesome!
Jijijams (legacy) 
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