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A peaceful day for fishing.

Input text: 
a river.a man is -3 feet above the river.the man is facing right.a fishing rod is -14 inches right of the man.the fishing rod is 1.5 inches above the ground.the fishing rod is facing up.the fishing rod is leaning 45 degrees to the left.the fishing rod is -12 inches behind the man.a chair is 10 feet behind the man.the chair is on the ground.a bag is left of the chair.a 3 feet tall plant is 2 feet left of the bag.a 5 feet tall bush is 15 feet left of the plant.a second 5 feet tall bush is 2 feet left of the bush.a cyan light is right of the man.the light is on the ground.a tree is 15 feet behind the bush.the tree is 5 feet left of the bush.the sun is pink.the ground is grass.
##HD #totwwater 
boneybird (2016) 
everyone needs downtime, even Timothy!
sofiezamchick (2016) 
so pretty (as usual)
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