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Input text: 
the 1st clear jellyfish is 400 meters tall. it is upside down. the very gigantic celery green light is 20 meters right of the 1st jellyfish. the 2nd clear jellyfish is 300 meters tall. it is -50 meters in front of the 1st jellyfish. the extremely gigantic dodger blue light is 20 meters left of the 2nd jellyfish. the clear building fits in the 1st jellyfish. the sky is black. the camera light is grey. the ambient light is ink blue. the ground is very huge. the ground is gold.
coyne (legacy) 
nice dark lighting
lespaulguy (legacy) 
KAWE (legacy) 
dk (legacy) 

Thanks! Here's another view, which generated an error 500 (i think) and twice didn't show after submitting for HD render..
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