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Crummy Tank
Bubbles is way to big for a 20 gallon and he needs some plants.

Input text: 
it is noon. a bright tank. a small fish is in the tank. the fish is facing west. the ground is unreflective wood. a huge wall is 1 foot north of the tank. the wall is blue. a clock is 1.7 feet above the tank. the clock is .9 feet north of the tank. a bookcase is 2 feet to the west of the tank. it is .1 feet south of the wall. a lamp is 1 foot east of the tank. a huge bright light is just above the lamp. a 5 foot tall man is facing the tank. the man is 1 foot to the southwest of the tank. a 8 inch tall astronaut is 6 inches west of the fish. a 5 inch tall volcano is 5 inches east of the fish. the volcano is 17 inches off the ground.
Effects: Sharpen
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