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Come with me, human.

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The ambient light is navy. The camera light is navy. The sky is facing up. A shiny whale 30 feet above the ground. A extremely strong pink light above the whale. The ground is clear. The whale is leaning -20 degrees to the front. A big pyramid 60 inches inside the whale. The pyramid is upside down. A human above the pyramid. The human is facing north. a pink light 1 inch above the human. a big shiny moon symbol 80 inches to the right of the human. A big shiny moon symbol 80 inches to the left of the human. the moon symbol is facing north. A clear arc of triumph in front of the whale. The arc of triumph is 10 feet above the ground.
coyne (2016) 
beautiful and mysterious!
666 (2016) 

666 (2016) 

KAWE (2016) 
Nanook (2016) 
roadstick (2016) 
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