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untitled # 2

Input text: 
the sky is white.the ground is white.a red square.a yellow square is 2 feet behind the red square.the yellow square is 3 feet long.a 6 inch wide blue square is 3 feet left of the red square.the blue square is 5 feet deep.the blue square is -10 inches behind the red square.
#totwartist #Klee 
Cracked paint
KAWE (2016) 
like it much, even more minimalistic than Klee dit
coyne (2016) 
so cool to see this!
Diigs (2016) 
Now you can sell this for more or less $50 millions
Jijijams (2016) 
Hahahahahaha @Diigs so true
watcher570 (2016) 
more likely 20p at a boot sale
KAWE (2016) 
lol that´s perhaps true
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