A Tribute to Lowry

Input text: a thin car.a thin man is 2 feet right of the car.the man is facing the car.a thin boy is 4 feet left of the car.the thin boy is facing the car.a first thin house is 20 feet behind the car.a second thin house is 1 feet left of the first house.a third thin house is 1 feet right of the first house.a fourth thin house is 1 feet left of the second house.the ground is road.the man's shirt is lime.a yellow light is right of the car.a lavender light is left of the car.the sun is pink.a second thin man is 18 feet in front of the third house.a thin woman is 1 feet left of the second thin man.the second thin man is facing the woman.the woman is facing the second thin man.
Tags:  #totwartist  #Lowry 
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Effects: Saturation, Contrast
KAWE  (2016) 
very nice
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