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The Thinker

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the marble sculpture. the very huge polka dot egg is 3.7 feet in the sculpture. it is -1.5 foot behind the sculpture. the 5 very tiny trees are 3 feet in front of the sculpture. the ground is grass. the very wide fence is behind the trees. the enormous bird is to the left of the sculpture. it is facing right. the [polka dot] texture is on the bird. the texture is 1 foot tall. the ground is shiny. the camera light is black. the tan light is above and two feet to the right of the sculpture. the cyan light is 1 foot above the sculpture.
watcher570 (legacy) 
I'm sure Rodin would have loved this.
KAWE (legacy) 
that is great
coyne (legacy) 
Diigs (legacy) 
the thoughts of a egg warmer
boneybird (legacy) 
thank you!
Nanook (legacy) 
Maybe wondering.....Whose the papa
boneybird (legacy) 

tkramerix (legacy) 
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