The garden (after monet)

Input text: a river.a bridge is -2 feet above the river.the bridge is facing left.the bridge is 35 feet long.a first tree is left of the bridge.a second tree is 6 feet in front of the first tree.a third tree is 1 feet left of the second tree.a lime light is above the third tree.a fourth tree is behind the first tree.a fifth tree is behind the fourth tree.a yellow light is above the fifth tree.there are 7 shrubs behind the river.there are 6 red shrubs 10 feet right of the shrubs.there are 5 purple shrubs 2 feet in front of the red shrubs.there are 6 rust shrubs 30 feet in front of the purple shrubs.there are 4 shrubs 2 feet right of the purple shrubs.the sun is pink.
Tags:  #totwartist  #monet 
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Effects: Brightness, Canvas texture, Impressionistic
KAWE  (2016) 
ah nice
Jijijams  (2016) 
Very nice
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