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the large silver dolphin is in the matte ground. the ground has a dirt texture. it is afternoon. the pickup truck is 5 feet above the ground. the pickup truck is to the left of the fire station. it is 10 feet behind the dolphin. the truck is facing southwest. the fire station is 10 feet behind the dolphin. it is on the ground. the fire station is to the left of the truck. The willow tree is behind the truck. The blue willow tree is next to the fire station. The huge rose bush is in the dolphin. The white fence is in front of the blue willow. the fence is 50 feet wide. the huge slab is 10 feet above the dolphin. it has a flower texture.
megan (legacy) 
wow that reallly cool. It look so complicated . haha. How long did this take to do?
coyne (legacy) 
i actually just did what you did...type in random things. :-) It only took a few minutes to make it though I tried a couple variations. This scene is actually just a variation of the dolphin ones I did earlier (a couple of which are in the gallery right before it). That's why there's a dolphin still in it. And it took maybe 5 minutes to render.
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